Mademoiselle Kobro is a new Blue Republic initiative, intended as an open forum for presentation of cutting edge artists, curators, cultural thinkers, and activists, whose practice and research is strongly attuned to changing paradigms of our time, and the recognition of urgent need for the expansion of the definition of art.

This initiative is a space without a space, intended to be mobile in the extreme – you will meet Mademoiselle Kobro in a gallery, in a kitchen of a small apartment, under the bridge, in your head, or in someone else’s pocket: because art can happen everywhere and anywhere, not just where the traps are set.

As Karl Kraus postulated, …art is not the means to distribute ready-made opinions, but rather the medium of the thought itself. Mademoiselle Kobro, in partnership with Katzman Contemporary, is presenting an exhibition of German artist/medical doctor Bruno von Ulm, and a young Greek-Canadian artist, Daphne Vlassis. The curators of this exhibition are Mark Kingwell (who is also the author of accompanying essays), in collaboration with Blue Republic’s Radoslaw Kudlinski.


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